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This game is a prequel to the original. The planet E.D.N. II is currently experiencing an ice age. The game follows the story of Jim Peyton, a colonist who is working for NEVEC and helping mine the planet and sending minerals back to Earth, where his family awaits him.
The Story So Far:
Lost Planet 3 Debut Trailer03:00

Lost Planet 3 Debut Trailer

Lost Planet 3 returns to a more story-driven adventure. Through the game's mission mechanics, players have the ability to pursue main quests or side-quests, which allow you to help the colonists on the planet. The game has many open exploration elements to it, that allow you to pursue quests in a variety of different ways.


Jim Peyton is the main character of the game, however - this game features a whole variety of other characters.

These characters include -
  • Grace Peyton - She is the wife of Jim and the mother of his children.
  • Jenette Diaz - She is Jim's predecessor and an accomplished utility rig pilot who joined the Coronis crew on their maiden voyage to E.D.N. III. She mysteriously went missing a year and a half into their mission.
  • Phil Braddock - Braddock is the head of the NEVEC crew and runs the operations at Coronis base on E.D.N. III.
  • Renard Laroche - Laroche is the rival of Jim.

Featured Media
Lost Planet 3 Pirate Reveal Trailer02:14

Lost Planet 3 Pirate Reveal Trailer

Pirate Reveal Trailer

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