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This game takes place prior to the events of God of War: Chains of Olympus. Six months have passed since Kratos fell for the trickery of Ares, and murdered his own wife and child. Kratos swears of the duties of the god of war, which leads to the three great Furies, Goddesses of Punishment, Justice and Torment capturing him and imprisoning him.

After enduring countless months of torture, Kratos eventually escapes and immediately seeks out to get his vengeance and rid himself of Ares once and for all.

The Story So Far:
God of War Ascension Trailer01:15

God of War Ascension Trailer

Multiplayer is a huge component of this game. In multiplayer, warriors are pitted against each other in a variety of different arenas and modes. The "Favour of the Gods" mode requires the champions to kill each other, while Polyphemus interferes with too-close players. Each kill of another warrior yields 100 points. The Spear of Olympus eventually falls from the heavens. This leads to a mad scramble between the teams to obtain it. Once the Spear of Olympus is acquired, they can attack Polythemusand eventually kill him. . The team that kills him gains an extra 1000 points. The winning team is the first to 8000 points.


God of War Ascension - Multiplayer Gameplay - E3 201201:05

God of War Ascension - Multiplayer Gameplay - E3 2012

While we will once again assume control mostly of Kratos' destiny.. there are a few other characters who will be making appearances in this game.
These characters include...

While we should expect Kratos to have his trusty blades, in this case the Blades of Chaos, more interesting is the fact that Kratos now has the ability to use his enemies' weapons as a secondary weapon. These weapons will be able to be used at any time and discarded at any time. Kratos also has the ability to use magic.
Notable forms of magic:
  • Elemental Magic - Kratos' magic in the game is based on four elements: Electricity, Soul, Fire and Ice.
  • New Rage ability - The rage abilities will be connected with the different magic.

The gameplay is described as "revamped" combat and weapons system. The game also promises "fluid, life-like characters, dynamic lighting effects, and world-changing scenarios." It should be noted that the game length is expected to be shorter than previous games.
God of War Ascension - Kratos Fighting Gameplay (Pt02:18

God of War Ascension - Kratos Fighting Gameplay (Pt. 1) - E3 2012

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