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Back Story
Two decades have passed since the Worldstone was destroyed in Diablo II. The world, Sanctuary, was set for an invasion from the Burning Hells, but this invasion never came to be.
This game is set to wrap up the story from the original game, but is not intended to be the last game in this series.
Learn more about the back story:

Main Characters
There are many characters in the Diablo universe already, so here are the major players to get yourself caught up.
  • Deckard Cain, also known as Cain the Elder, is the last living human in the line of Horadric mages. He is greatly concerned with why the invasion never took place.
  • Archangel Tyral is the Archangel that the majority of the story takes place around in Diablo III.
  • The Archangel Imperius is a member of the ruling Angiris Council. He is the Archangel of Valor, and is even said in the Book of Cain to be the commander of the Heavenly Host and the leader of the Angiris Council.
  • Diablo is expected to return, despite his earlier death in the series.

There are five different classes that will be available to play in Diablo III.
  • Witch Doctor - is a new class that allows players to summon undead monsters without the necessity of dead bodies.
  • Barbarian - is a returning class that allows players to play with brute force.
  • Wizard - is the run-of-the-mill magic user in Diablo III combining the brilliance of the Sorceress and the cunning and stealth of the Assassin.
  • Monk - is another melee based class. It appears to rely entirely, or at least mostly on its fists and fist based weapons similar to the weapon choice of the Assassin in the previous game.
  • Demon Hunter - is a new class being introduced in Diablo 3. With what gameplay Blizzard have shown of it, the Demon Hunter looks to be a combination of the Assassin; with its ability to throw grenades, and the Amazon in its usage of crossbows.

Similar to the henchmen in Diablo II, Diablo III will allow players to have a follower. A follower will have the ability to carry a weapon, two rings, and a unique item. A player can only have one follower at once.
The followers are:

The entire quest system has been revamped. Along with the main storyline quests, there will be character specific quests as well as random adventures - mini quests generated randomly on the map or in dungeons.

Quests are introduced almost immediately and will display their status as they are completed. In the Beta, most of the quests follow linear progression as the story of the character unfolds, but a few branches appear as the game progresses.

Miscellaneous Interests
There are also many other items of interest in the upcoming game, from monsters, to locations, and many other things.

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