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This game introduces us to two brand new characters, Alpha and Bravo. These new characters are immediately sent to Mexico to battle Mexican drug lords. The organization Trans World Operations is sent to take out The Scythe
The Story So Far:
Army of Two The Devil's Cartel "Overkill" Trailer01:55

Army of Two The Devil's Cartel "Overkill" Trailer

Co-Op Gameplay
This game features what it describes as "pure co-op gameplay." Many times players will be put into situations where they are outmanned and outgunned, and this is precisely when having a partner comes into handy. With a partner, the amount of damage and destruction that one can do is far greater.


Army of Two The Devil's Cartel Couch Co-op Trailer03:18

Army of Two The Devil's Cartel Couch Co-op Trailer


As mentioned, in this game we will be controlling the new characters Alpha and Bravo. Let's briefly look at these characters some more.

  • Alpha - Alpha is a veteran of multiple armed conflicts with the U.S. Military and Special Forces. He joined T.W.O. when he was recruited by Rios.
  • Bravo - Bravo served one tour with the U.S. Army and decided that military life wasn't for him, despite having a talent for work. After a successful rescue operation in the Balkans, he was cruited by T.W.O.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel looks extremely impressive. For more videos of gameplay or trailers please visit here,

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