Welcome to the August 2011 issue of the Annoying Orange Wiki News!

Please note this is Danny's first issue; he will write the newspaper from now on.

User News

  • Bryce53 II, Bryce53-alt, and X2 were globally disabled. Later on, Bryce's account was globally disabled for a year due to suspected sockpuppeteering (although he doesn't care).
  • In doing, he blocked himself, leaving leaderboard spot shifts (see below).
  • Keiren has become a bureaucrat!

Leaderboard News

Will Danny, Keiren, Jimbo, Ian, and Chomper4 stay being our top five active members for next month, or will it change?
  • Due to X2's global disabling (per above) (and courtesy block by Bryce) everyone at position 7 or lower moved up a position, restoring TorchwoodGuy05 on the leaderboard.
  • Also, Bryce's block (again, per above) put everyone a spot up.
  • Therefore, Danny was once again number one on the leaderboard and Darkapple was put on the leaderboard (who later surpassed Torchguywood05 on the leaderboard).
  • Our top five active members are Danny, Keiren, Jimbo, Ian, Chomper4. This does not include Gemstones (retired) and "The Toa" (inactive, possibly retired).


The recent categories added on pages are pushing the limits for our category policy; if this cannot be refrained, the administrators can prevent such users from participating

here. We really don't want to do that at all; losing our community would not build up to a stellar wiki.


Wikia Labs

The poll has been selected, and other than the editor redesign and comments, both which have been removed, and Chat, which was not in Wikia Labs yet, everything was kept.

Featured Content

Vote for featured content on the main page!

New Bureaucrat

Our poll for the next bureaucrat has been set, but there will be no new bureaucrat until further notice. But this will not prevent anyone from voting for a future one!

New Main Page

The new main page is still being constantly improved; any registered user can share their suggestion(s) to improve the main page on the talk page.

Miscellaneous Information

Please, when you have time, visit this page and revert or undo blatant vandalism. Report any vandal to be blocked if you are a normal contributor.
  • Please read the Manual of Style whenever you have time, even if you have already read it.
  • Please do not add copyrighted content to pages; this can result in you being blocked from editing.
  • Please do not recreate incongruous versions of already existent pages under a different name. This is known as vandalism, and will result in you having your editing privileges revoked. If you wish to experiment, please visit the vandalism wiki.

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