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If you are new to Shaman King, we suggest reading these four articles:


Male Characters
Female Characters

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Shaman King ~English Opening~00:57

Shaman King ~English Opening~

Shaman King Sites

The following is a list of Shaman King sites. We Cannot be responsible for the contents nor the legal liability of the site. Please do not advertise anywhere else on this site beyond here.
Mankin-Trad - A site specialised in scanning and translating the newest of the newest Shaman King Manga Material.
Shaman King Nation - Shaman King Nation is a news portal website run by The Great Spirit and Mankin-Trad staff. They cover all the latest Shaman King news around the world, inlcuding Japan, USA, UK, France, and many more locations! Updates come around as soon as the news breaks.
Mangareader.Net - One of the largest scanlation group of mangas and one of the main sources for the information written on this site.
Shaman King on Wikipedia - The origins of this site.


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