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Featured Custom Campaign

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"Four new survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie apocalypse!

Link Address:

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Featured article

"CEDA's gotta be around here somewhere. Let's find this evac and get out of here."

The Civil Emergency and Defense Agency (simply known as CEDA) is a governmental organization that started in 1988 and is responsible for protecting millions of Americans from terrifying consequences of natural and manmade disasters as well as respond to disasters and assisting in the recovery. Once they realized how powerful and virulent the infection was, CEDA agents isolated themselves from the public in hazmat suits and decided to provide the public with face masks while trying to evacuate the public. Due to failure in containing the Infection and the virus becoming more of a public and national health hazard, CEDA was suspended and the US military took over all CEDA operations. (more...)

Featured Image

File:Ducatel Burger Tank.jpg
The skyline over the Burger Tank in the town of Ducatel as the storm approaches.

Blog Post

Friday October 7th 2011

October 7th 2011
Gib Fest
What L4D2 special makes the biggest impact in the L4D1 maps?
Vote now!
Not Sure

Gib Fest, Mobile, L4D2 in L4D1, Community Help

Gib Fest
Blast the infected to shreds with M60s.

Swords can slice up some fun. Chainsaws can tear apart the infected. But you need to get close for both and well... chainsaws are really loud! Time to go with the ultimate gun, you and three friends armed with M60s and unlimited ammo. This is going to get messy.
(See more...)

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